The Best Road Trip Spots to Visit with Your Top Dog – #6: Pike Place Market

The countdown continues! Pack your bags, load your pup into the family car, and check out our #6 doggy road trip spot…

#6: Pike Place Market (Seattle, Washington)

Pikes Place #6

While the dog policy varies from shop to shop, your furry friend is welcome in the market’s outdoor areas, and Seattle is an all-around dog-friendly town. Sample the local flavors at various food stands, stop by Dog Alley to pick up a souvenir for your pup, and watch your head — or you just might get smacked in the face by a flying fish.

  • Dog Friendly - 7/10
  • Dog Friendly Accomondation - 10/10
  • Dog Friendly Dining - 10/10
  • Highly Rated by Pet Parents - 8/10
  • Dog Friendly City - 10/10