The Best Road Trip Spots to Visit with Your Top Dog – #3: Fort Tryon Park

You. Your pooch. The open road. Your favorite song playing on the radio. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Time to ditch your daily grind and hightail it to our #3 doggy road trip spot…

#3: Fort Tryon Park (New York City, New York)

Fort Tryon Park 3

In the concrete jungle that is New York City, your chances to be one with nature are few and far between (unless, of course, you count observing the family of raccoons that steals scraps out of your local bodega’s dumpster—which you shouldn’t). Fort Tryon Park is a peaceful and much-needed retreat where you and your pup can stretch your legs—or just stretch out in the grass.

  • Dog Friendly - 10/10
  • Dog Friendly Accomodation - 9/10
  • Dog Friendly Dining - 10/10
  • Highly Rated by Pet Parents - 9.5/10
  • Dog Friendly City - 10/10