The Best Road Trip Spots to Visit with Your Top Dog – #2: SF Golden Gate Park

Who’s up for a road trip? Everybody loves a vacation, but busy work schedules and rising airplane fares make getting out of town harder than it should be, for you and your would-be travel buddies. Safe to say that your dog doesn’t have plans though, so this weekend, hit the road with him and check out our #2 doggy road trip spot!

#2: SF Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, California)


With more restaurants per capita than any other city—and a recent law that makes all outdoor seating dog-friendly—you can count on your pup being welcome wherever you go in this Northern California city. Add to that San Francisco’s easy access to beaches, mountains, and forests, plus having Golden Gate Park as a backyard, and its easy to see how this destination pulled such a high ranking.

  • Dog Friendly - 10/10
  • Dog Friendly Accomodations - 10/10
  • Dog Friendly Dining - 10/10
  • Highly Rated by Pet Parents - 9/10
  • Dog Friendly City - 10/10