National Survey: Milo’s Kitchen Reveals America’s Most “Dog Happy” U.S. State

Americans have a very special love affair with their dogs. From puppy day care to cuisine doggie bakeries, to “food trucks for dogs,” over the past decade, pet parents will spend an estimated $60.59 Billion on their dog, according to the American Pet Products Association.

But does this pampering also mean “emotional pampering”? What are pet parent’s behavior habits when it comes to making their pets feel loved and cared for?

To find out, all of us at Milo’s Kitchen brand dog treats joined together to develop a ranking of the most “Dog Happy” U.S. states — a definitive list based on national survey results to look into this interesting question.


To create this national dog appreciation ranking, we surveyed 3,000 dog parents (21 to 65+) across the United States to determine how regularly they engage in the following behaviors:

1. Thankful behaviors
2. Grateful behaviors
3. Loving behaviors
(such as buying regular gifts for their dog, petting their dog, and telling their dog “I Love You”)


States were ranked according to how regularly their residents specified they engaged in loving, supportive behaviors with their dogs (like doggie kisses, or giving a treat). Those high on the list (California, New York) had more survey respondents who


1. California
2. New York
3. Washington
4. Tennessee
5. Florida
6. Massachusetts
7. Texas
8. Missouri
9. Ohio
10. Arizona
11. Pennsylvania
12. Michigan
13. New Hampshire
14. Kentucky
15. Montana
16. Colorado
17. Louisiana
18. North Dakota
19. Illinois
20. Delaware
21. Kansas
22. Wisconsin
23. Alabama
24. Virginia
25. Arkansas


Milo’s Kitchen also found specific ways in which pet parents in these states find an emotional connection with their dogs — and how they give back to their pups.

Findings include:

Getting Emotional Support

  • 86% of dog parents say their dog “comforts me immeasurably”
  • 71% say their dog “reminds me to seek out more joy in life”
  • 64% say their dog “makes me look forward to going home more than anything else”
  • 63% say their dog “makes me much more patient and responsible”
  • 65% say their dog “helps me become a better person”
  • 95% of dog parent say they have a regular conversation out loud with their dog

Alternately, pet parents enjoy giving their dogs support in the form of gifts, food and physical care.

Giving Physical Support

  •  73% of dog parents buy their dog a special gift (especially dog treats) at least once a month
  • 68% of pet parents allow their dogs to sleep in the same bed at least once per month

To accompany this new national ranking Milo’s Kitchen brand has also found The Definitive 27 Ways That Dogs Improve Our Lives.