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7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019

One afternoon, I was lounging lazily on my couch when I saw my dog looking a bit down and sad. Right at that moment, I wondered what could be the possible reason behind this. I have been with my dog for about ten years and I could not imagine how my life would turn out if anything bad will happen to my dog, God forbid.

Coincidentally, I passed by a home shopping network on the television which sells dog food. Quite convinced by their ad, I bought one right away. After a few days, my order arrived and luckily, my little pal loved it. His normal and lively aura went back.

And then I wondered if there are other dog treats that can uplift my dog’s mood. So, without delay, I started researching on how to pick the best dog biscuits. Thankfully, I landed on the best one, for my dog, that is.

Because I stumbled upon some of the best-rated and reviewed dog biscuits online, I think it’s a must to share it with my fellow (and clueless) dog owners. Below are some of the best dog biscuits I stumbled upon.

Best Dog Biscuits : Top Picks

Old Mother Hubbard Bitz  

Second Best 

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 1Old Mother Hubbard Bitz Natural Crunchy Dog Training Treats, Chicken, Liver & Veggies, 20-Pound Box
  • check
    Good training treat 
  • check
  • check
    Low calorie 

Rated by: Debbie

Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats 

Most Nutritious Choice

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 2Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats, Cleans Teeth, Freshens Breath
  • check
    Contains vitamins 
  • check
    Worth the price 
  • check
    For medium-sized dogs 

Rated by: Debbie 

Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits 


7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 37 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 4
  • check
    Meaty flavor 
  • check
    Perfect for large dogs 
  • check
    Crunchy texture 

Rated by: Debbie

Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats for Medium Dogs

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 57 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 6

Rated by: Debbie

Dogs weighing over 20 pounds will love the Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats.

With this healthy and tasty dog treat, you don’t have to worry about feeding your dog with junk. Containing 12 vitamins and minerals, each bite of these biscuits will totally pay off.

These dog biscuits keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from decay, which makes their breath fresh.

Keep your dog rewarded and energized with Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats.


  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Worth the price 
  • Perfect size for medium-sized dogs 


  • Often causes dog gas
  • Can become stale quickly 
  • May have an unpleasant smell 

Old Mother Hubbard Bitz Natural Crunchy Dog Training Treats, Chicken, Liver & Veggies 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 77 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 8

Rated by: Debbie

Packed with real cheese goodness, your dog will surely adore the Old Mother Hubbard Bitz Natural Crunchy Dog Treats. Baked with real cheddar cheese, chicken, and dried rosemary, these dog biscuits will make the perfect snack for an afternoon delight. Made with only two calories per treat, these biscuits are suited well for training.

Oven-baked to preserve the flavor of the ingredients used, the Old Mother Hubbard Bitz Natural Crunchy Dog Treats do not contain artificial preservatives. These treats were made in the USA, so you are ensured that they are safe for your dog. Each treats are bite-sized so your dog can easily munch on them. 


  • Good training treat
  • Nutritious 
  • Low calorie 


  • May have an unpleasant smell
  • Hard texture 
  • Contains garlic and wheat-based ingredients 

Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 97 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 4

Rated by: Debbie

With four boxes each pack, the Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits offer quality and delicious dog biscuits. Perfect for large dogs weighing 50-100 pounds, these meaty dog biscuits will satisfy your dog’s meaty cravings. Its crunchy texture helps keep your dog’s teeth clean by scraping away tartar build-up.

Featuring a very beefy flavor, the Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits are oozing with deliciousness, you won’t ever go back to giving your dog dry and boring bones.

Keep your dog’s dental health in check, while keeping them stuffed with the Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits. 


  • Meaty flavor
  • Perfect for large dogs 
  • Crunchy texture 


  • Too expensive for the serving
  • Size might be too large for an average dog 
  • Hard texture 

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 117 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 12

Rated by: Debbie

Created by the renowned dog food company, the Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats is the next best dog biscuits to be found in your pantry.

Featuring best-selling flavors like Original, Chicken, and Char Tar, these dog biscuits are your dog’s go-to snack. These crunchy treats are perfect as a reward for training, too.

Made from all-natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial preservatives, these dog biscuits are a good way to keep your dog’s dental hygiene maintained. Proudly made in North America, your dog’s safety is guaranteed.


  • Big sizes
  • Affordable price 
  • Suitable for sensitive appetites 


  • Attracts bugs easily
  • Smells unpleasant 
  • Hard texture 

Nature's Animals Gourmet Select Organic Biscuit Dog Treat Flavor: Hearty Grain & Honey 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 137 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 14

Rated by: Debbie

Considered one of the best dog biscuits available in the market, the Nature’s Animal Gourmet Organic Biscuits will be your dog’s favorite.

The Hearty Grain & Honey flavor is a crowd-pleaser, and surely, it will catch your dog’s heart. Purely made in the USA, these dog biscuits are guaranteed safe.

Perfect for dogs on his later years, these dog biscuits can be safely munched by dogs of 15-59 pounds. It’s about 4 inches long, which is a suitable food size for your dog. With 24 treats per pack, your dog is in for a lot of treat.


  • Made in the USA
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs 
  • Available in two other different flavors 


  • Low sales on Amazon
  • Some may not like dog foods with grain as its ingredient 

Triumph Super Biscuits Dog Treat (Peanut Butter) 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 157 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 16

Rated by: Debbie

This all-natural and healthy dog treat might be the best dog biscuits for your dog. You are sure to feed your dog with the much-needed vitamins and minerals with the Triumph Super Biscuits Dog Treat.

Packed with good flavor, these dog biscuits are made with real chicken and contains no preservatives.

With all the ingredients sourced in the USA, the Triumph Super Biscuits is made without artificial flavoring or colors, and by-products. Each treat is about six inches with a pack containing 15 treats.


  • Large size
  • Made in the USA 
  • Safe ingredients 


  • New packaging is not airtight
  • Can become stale easily 
  • Does not clean teeth like advertised 

Triumph Apple Cinnamon Biscuits for Dogs 

Quick Summary

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 177 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 18

Rated by: Debbie

Another one from Triumph is the Apple Cinnamon variation. Still an all-natural and healthy dog treat, the Triumph Apple Cinnamon Dog Biscuits will be your dog’s favorite. Each bite of this treat will remind your dog with the real apple goodness.

With the right crunchiness, your dog’s teeth will be cleaned while giving him the nutrition he needs.

The Triumph Apple Cinnamon Dog Biscuits serve as good source of vitamins and minerals, at the same time, entertaining him with tasty and flavorful treats. Each treat is perfect for dogs weighing around 20 pounds. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Good quality 
  • Nutritious 


  • Too small for large dogs
  • Can be finished in a matter of seconds 
  • Relatively hard texture 

Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Biscuits 

Before you start wandering the pet shop and start looking for the best dog biscuits for your dog, there are things to consider first. To ensure you get the best for your fluffy pal, here are some guidelines for you.

Your dog itself.

Who else would you think of when buy dog food, but your dog itself? Before you start going on a hunt, your dog’s overall characteristics and health should be considered, above all. Depending on your dog or puppy, the appropriate dog biscuits vary. Your dog’s condition is a contributing factor.

His weight, day-to-day activates, and shape all contribute to what type of food your dog needs.

dog itself

Just like humans, puppies and lactating dogs need more calorie intake a day, while dogs in their later years need lesser. Accordingly, dogs with an active lifestyle need more than those who don’t move around much. How much nutrition your dog needs will shape them into having better health.

Additionally, breeds also require different type of food and nutrition. Large breeds that weigh over 50 pounds has specific nutritional needs. Fortunately for dog owners, some dog food manufacturers produce biscuits based on breed.

Inspect the food packaging.

Did you know that there’s actually a “code” on some dog food packaging that tells you how much protein it has? If you see phrases like, “Beef for Dogs” or “Chicken Dog Food”, this means that protein comprises 95% f the whole product excluding the water content. Moreover, packaging with “Chicken Stew Dinner” and “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” only contain 25% of the protein.

For more information on this matter, you can do a research about the FDA analysis of food labels.

Check the ingredients thoroughly.

It is important to know that ingredients are ordered based on weight. This makes meat the first thing you’ll find on the list since they contain high water content. Since dogs are huge omnivores, opt for dog food with meat as the first ingredient listed.

dog biscuits

The term “meat” means that the dog food might contain animal muscle, heart tissue, esophagus, and fat content. While, “meat by-product” is the unprocessed part of the animal, like lungs, kidneys, blood, etc. Lastly, the term “meat meal” designates to any rendered product from tissues of animals.

Another thing, if you see corn being hailed as one of their ingredients, don’t be convinced quickly. Ground corn has low protein contain and has no exceptional nutritional value. I’m not saying corn as an ingredient is a bad thing, it’s just that corn is no better than any carbohydrate. So, don’t fall for some packaging that exaggerate its health benefits.

Know whether going for grain-free is a good choice.

If you suspect that your dog is developing certain allergies and switching to a grain-free dog food is the right option, check with your vet first. Before cashing out more than your usual dog food, be sure if it’s the right thing to do.

Do background checks on your prospect brand.

Lastly, after all the considerations and careful decision-making, do some researches on your prospect on what you think is the best dog biscuits for your dog. There’s nothing more important than thinking your dog will love it, but it’s better to do a background check first.

dog eating

Doing your homework on the manufacturers of a certain brand allows you to have an insight on how the brand manufactures their product. After all, you only see and hear the good things on what they advertise. It’s your time to do some work and find out more about your prospect brand.


The best dog biscuits on this list is the Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats. If you are concern about your dog or he just simply needs more nutrition, you should give this a go. With each treat, your dog is stuffed while being fed with vitamins and minerals, too. It contains 12 vitamins and minerals, which is exactly the highlight of this product.

7 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 57 Best Dog Biscuits in 2019 6

Aside from feeding your dog with proper nutrition, their dental hygiene will be maintained, also. Available at a reasonable price, the Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats are also appropriately sized for medium-sized dogs.

However, it is important to store them properly to avoid it becoming stale. You might want to seal it properly too, as it might have an unpleasant smell.


Just like humans, dogs like tasty treats, too. And as the wonderful owner of your dog, giving him the premium ones is your main goal. The best dog biscuits are the ones that don’t just have appetizing and mouth-watering taste, but also gives them good nutrition and well-maintained dental hygiene.

Finding the best dog biscuits is a major achievement as a dog owner, especially to the busy ones since most of the dog foods can now be found online. The moment you test it out on your dog and find out they love it will certainly be a moment to remember. Plus, knowing you have a go-to snack for your dog saves a lot of time and effort, you don’t have to scan through every dog food anymore.

Giving your dog their favorite snack will energize them, which can last throughout the day. Just like how our pupils dilate whenever we see our favorite food coming our way, your dog’s excitement level rises up with their favorite treats, too. Imagine having to eat your favorite snack every day, is it not something worthy to look forward to?

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