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best dog chew

8 Best Dog Chews in 2019

It is a known fact that dogs love to chew literally almost anything they see. The most unfortunate victims of this particular situation are your poor and innocent shoes. Save your sole (pun intended) and start opting for a better solution.Fortunately, dog chews are made to solve this problem. Let your dog exercise his jaws […]

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Kayaks For Dogs

The Best Kayaks To Use With Your Dog

Your fur buddy likes the water just as much as you do! Taking them on a nice kayaking experience is a great way to bond with your dog while having fun and teaching them to be safe around the water. Depending on what breed you have, a kayaking adventure could be their favorite thing to […]

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Dog Treats For Bad Breath

7 Best Dog Chews For Bad Breath

How often are you relaxing, watching TV and you begin to smell something. You look around to realize it’s your dog’s breath, you didn’t even know they were near you! Or maybe you are playing with them and play time is cut short because you can’t stand their breath anymore.Your dog’s breath is taking away […]

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best dog bones

7 Best Dog Bones in 2019

One way of showing your dog you love them dearly is to give them what they deserve, or what they think they deserve. This means treating them with goodies that could entertain them most. These treats include dog bones and dog chews, to name a few.To develop an even better relationship with your dog, giving […]

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